Tuesday, 7 December 2010

is there any body out there

aint been on a while,,my ideas have changed,,full circle.. i wasnt so happy,,so get my head down for a week.. and came up with this idea of a kind of b movie cartoon,,gullivers travels/ BFG/outer limits esque. Hend1 is an automated domestic android,,disgarded as rubbish,,into a black hole rubbish dump in a future alternative timeline. he suked through,,time space. lands smack down in another world,,another time ( C18th feel,,but no exact date as the characters can be plucked through out history through the costume and attitudes). he rises up out of the water,,plows towards a fishing village in the distance,,although the village isnt far away,,its just smaller than him, hes a giant,,still dazed and not fully functioned,,he crashes through the town ( night time), smashing roofs,,,boats,,trees..
The village wakes up to the scenes of destruction the next day,,whilst gathered in the local tavern,,storys arise,,,but nobody knows wat realy happend,,till old sea captain Mr Mobeeys walks in. I tell Ye wat occured here in Piccard Point ( maybe ill call it Costner Quay or Rogermoore Bay or even Michael Bay or Sanofmog Wharf,,if ur a treky u get that one),, i sawded it with me better eye,aye that i did,, it were a giant....i told u of the beasts aye sawded upon my journeys,,well theese i knows,, are terrible,,, barsteward some beer if ye pleases,, um where weres i,, yerp,,terrible buggars..we gotta hunt it down and pluk out its art..
.behind a hill,,admist the forests trees hidea HEND1, confused and scared.

Thursday, 18 November 2010


during the dark ages, the 4 nations had 4 overlords. mythical beasts. dragons. they were born of the same blood, gaurding over wat was to become britton. the tribes and the mythical beasts, such as centaurs trolls, all live together. the odd dispute occurs but hell thats life. a young userper heard about the kings and queens of the east, and in his infinite wisdom and foolishness declares. wat this land needs is a king. he challenges the white dragon to a duel, all setting up a complex trap, that goes wrong, yet still entraps him. purely by accident. as news travells to the 4 corners of the land. the capture looses translation. and when the three brothers get wind of it, it seems as though the white dragon has been slaine. by a 7ft king with his vast army (though hes 5ft tall partially sitted imbasiel with unfortunate luck and a gang of half arsed hairy rogues with dreams of infamy). the brothers band together to take on this king. yet for all theyre trying epically fail, as they have basically rule with fear rather than actually doing anything. as news travels the tribes fear dissolves, and they try claim a stake against the dragons, except for the red dragon (welsh). hes just laid back, a boozer, the welsh tribes love him and respect hi as a pal. unlike his two other bros, green and blue. as he has to prove his worth to his kin, and they have to prove themselves to the brittons, on a journey to avenge their not so dead but actually living in relative comfort brother, the journey begings. they encounter ballsy tribes and towns folks, ogres giants elves and fairies. and self discovery.

William abasador of the earth

Billy hes a lonely kid. an orphan and an outcast. hes just one man and his guitar, in aworld he dont fit in, he feels different to most kids. to his foster family. not from this world theyd say is our Billy. Here lies the the irony, one cold autumn morning Billy wakes up. no ones around. The worlds still asleep. he cant wake no one. whats goin on. he steps outside. no cars on the streets. no birds signing. just an obscure hum fills the air. he trolls the streets. this shit is cool he thinks. all of a sudden. flash. the skys turn a violent storm. parting with a ray of light. am i dead, is this the highway to heaven. zooomp hes hurtling up through the sky. and it fades to black. he wakes up in a huge round room, a spotlight fixed upon him from above. silouttes fill the rooms shadows. a muffled gargled voice, high pitched goes, gergle snorliyt pooba doobe. what the deuce he thinks. more strange noises fill the room , billys ears adjust, a few english words come through, then like lifting ur head out of water, all voices are understood. a small grey character steps forward, big oval eyes, shiny skin 4 ft tall, greetings william of earth i am tompox, billy snigers, even tho scared. his synical teenage mind thinks tompox sounds like tampax. we have choosen you he says. u are to be ambassodor to planet 580 -x in the minky quadrant. u have been choosen to travel the galaxy in good will, along with theese others we will bring peace.
meanwhile the most corrupt of all planets in all the galaxies have a plan. they want to create a galaxy war, and blame the ambasadors. just cause they think there a bit up themselves really. so the adventure begins. da da daaaaa

here we go again

im gonna throw down some uber ruff sketches and some ideas. im so lost as to wat to do. any feed back

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

The blogging virgin

1st day on this blogg efort, i gotta do this modern technology bull crap for my animation course. so right now im a bit pissed coz i dont have a fogiest wat to do. but here we go. im about to embark on a marvelous mission. to design a character. for the younger generation. A dragon, one of four, each symbolising the nat  thats all im gonna say right now. so watch this space