Tuesday, 7 December 2010

is there any body out there

aint been on a while,,my ideas have changed,,full circle.. i wasnt so happy,,so get my head down for a week.. and came up with this idea of a kind of b movie cartoon,,gullivers travels/ BFG/outer limits esque. Hend1 is an automated domestic android,,disgarded as rubbish,,into a black hole rubbish dump in a future alternative timeline. he suked through,,time space. lands smack down in another world,,another time ( C18th feel,,but no exact date as the characters can be plucked through out history through the costume and attitudes). he rises up out of the water,,plows towards a fishing village in the distance,,although the village isnt far away,,its just smaller than him, hes a giant,,still dazed and not fully functioned,,he crashes through the town ( night time), smashing roofs,,,boats,,trees..
The village wakes up to the scenes of destruction the next day,,whilst gathered in the local tavern,,storys arise,,,but nobody knows wat realy happend,,till old sea captain Mr Mobeeys walks in. I tell Ye wat occured here in Piccard Point ( maybe ill call it Costner Quay or Rogermoore Bay or even Michael Bay or Sanofmog Wharf,,if ur a treky u get that one),, i sawded it with me better eye,aye that i did,, it were a giant....i told u of the beasts aye sawded upon my journeys,,well theese i knows,, are terrible,,, barsteward some beer if ye pleases,, um where weres i,, yerp,,terrible buggars..we gotta hunt it down and pluk out its art..
.behind a hill,,admist the forests trees hidea HEND1, confused and scared.

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