Thursday, 18 November 2010

William abasador of the earth

Billy hes a lonely kid. an orphan and an outcast. hes just one man and his guitar, in aworld he dont fit in, he feels different to most kids. to his foster family. not from this world theyd say is our Billy. Here lies the the irony, one cold autumn morning Billy wakes up. no ones around. The worlds still asleep. he cant wake no one. whats goin on. he steps outside. no cars on the streets. no birds signing. just an obscure hum fills the air. he trolls the streets. this shit is cool he thinks. all of a sudden. flash. the skys turn a violent storm. parting with a ray of light. am i dead, is this the highway to heaven. zooomp hes hurtling up through the sky. and it fades to black. he wakes up in a huge round room, a spotlight fixed upon him from above. silouttes fill the rooms shadows. a muffled gargled voice, high pitched goes, gergle snorliyt pooba doobe. what the deuce he thinks. more strange noises fill the room , billys ears adjust, a few english words come through, then like lifting ur head out of water, all voices are understood. a small grey character steps forward, big oval eyes, shiny skin 4 ft tall, greetings william of earth i am tompox, billy snigers, even tho scared. his synical teenage mind thinks tompox sounds like tampax. we have choosen you he says. u are to be ambassodor to planet 580 -x in the minky quadrant. u have been choosen to travel the galaxy in good will, along with theese others we will bring peace.
meanwhile the most corrupt of all planets in all the galaxies have a plan. they want to create a galaxy war, and blame the ambasadors. just cause they think there a bit up themselves really. so the adventure begins. da da daaaaa

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