Wednesday, 29 February 2012

this sequence introduces lucious vent. the genius. the meglomaniac the madman. its over 3 pages. showing his public persona, his aragance and his fragile mind. i like this sequence. it works. its what i shud have done with the other pages. its flowing better. it starts, introduces, gives a snippet of the character. cant wait to get colour on theese buggers now. more to come soon. need some feed back tho.
i found that the transformation between normal kat and superhero kat isnt really explained it just happens. so i need to explain that. why she does it, how she does it, what happens next. its full of holes rite now. so this is the start of a page to explaine this.

top panels are esentially 2 pages so i tried to compress the 2 into one panel. still worried it doesnt read well.

ive done it again. the first draft page 2, and the cleaned up version at the top. but does the character look the same in each panel. does that matter. it aint easy to nail it baby.

its been a while. ahh january u horrible month. february too. anyway ive been busy. ive started this comic idea. heres page 1. in its final cleaned up version and ruff directed version. its an opening scene, set in a hospital. but i dont know if it it establishes it. do i need to show an opening shot of a hospital. or do i grant the readers some respect and asume theyl guess? hmmmm. comments please