Wednesday, 30 November 2011

theese drawings are all ruff, ive not finalised them. they look scruffy. and thats how i like it. im not a great fan of the photoshop. i think it kills the soul of the drawing. but  i will be utilising it. the next stage of my project is refining. there will be more dark inked lines and color, so my apologies for the faded quality of the past drawings but just watch this space.

i advanced with the idea of an exo suite for lucious. if hes frail and wimpy. this could be his way of fighting kitty kat. also. i wanted to put them in a line up. im liking the nods to steam punk. so lucous is gonna have this look. he may even be asian. as a way of envolving the world war. maybe hes making weapons, but the USA dont want a jap building them weapons and powering there ships and such. mmmm nice ben. thgis could be one of the tipping poiunts into lucious vents fall into meglomania

this is BIG BOI. hes lucious vents body gaurd. hes kind of the progression of my earlier smokin joe idea. hes got the gum shoe look. trench coat and hat. but thats too hide hid true steam bot identity. his coat trails along the floor. steam venting from underneath it. creates mystery. his hat is brimed and tilted just above the coler. jus red glowing eyes are visible. he walks in the shadows so his full features aree hiddden. hes one big cat too. 7-8ft tall. hes intimidating. so noone asks him any questions. they wouldnt get an answer if they did. he may be even an exo suite that lucious could climb into as a super robot weapon.

thinking maybe there could be a egor kind of side kick. ill consider this at a later dtae.

theres gotta be a world for my characters to sit in. id like it to stand out. we know that everything is steam run. the city and everything in it. maybe ill jus create a steam city rather than world. makes more sence. ive looked along the steam punk lines. im digging that. but its verry victorian. im thinking of crossing that woprld into a 20s-50s noir esque world. i think it cud work. as it was an industrius time. just put little steam punk flourishes throughout it as nods. so ive messed around with vehicles. making them retro modern.( if that makes any sence) and unusual. ive invented the wheel too. the steam wheel. i think it could work.

this is an awfull mock up of a strip. but u gotta start somwhere, maybe not here tho. lol
now im getting the feel of kat. id like to see how she could look and move amongst the panels. so heres a few jibs she cud pull
team bots.....shit

back to the kitty kat

ive gone back to the kitty kat project. im still trying to develop lucious vent. im thinking more mechanical and he wears a mask
i thought about turning theese characters into missunderstood bad guys. droped into a wporld where they have to defend themselves. ands as they are from a magic book, drawn and brought to life. i imagined them as a crack squad. all individuals. the bull (Stauff) the leader. theres a samurai squirell. a bunny with all different sports equipment as weapons. And a bigfoot yeti. whos dosile but gets angry wen in trouble. and he just rips out trees to fight. i love these guys. like the ideas. anyone who pinches them ill kick your ass

this wasnt an easy task to pull off. anthrapamorphisised creatures have been done before. minotaur. teeneage mutant ninja turtles. Narnians. so it was triky to establish some kind of new twist. i dont think i have. but again thees are just babys. theyre early and sketchy. but i really like the pig. i may come back and do something with him
this next sections of drawings are part of a colabarative peice im doing with the Jped. its a story hes en visioned envolving a magic book and water. a couple. an accident an a bank heist envolving what at first was a gang of mutant bad ass animal esque creatures with cool guns and weapons. although its progressed. so he ask me to design some creatures purely for influence, so he can recreate them in his style.

jaime peddles plan. colabaration

just another young kitty kat idea. im gonna eventually pick some the better drawings and add colour down the line

now theres no point stiking to one style. and sometimes, to draw the same old shit, over and over again, rehashing the same idea. drives u loopy. so i like to now and then. go off. and draw somthing from the depths of my mind. somthing thats not related. its karma with a pencil. its good for u. and more often or not. you can take theeses ideas and they can influence what ever your working on. its a win win situation. plus it shows off ur skills. high 5

so i liked the idea of her reverting in age. i just messsed around with it

now im getting her style. ive messed around with an action pose. she looks younger. i kinda like the idea that as a normal person. kat looks work troden and weathered still a little sexy. but when she super heroes up. she becomes younger. but still to the audience recognisable. i dont know if its been done before. most prob.