Thursday, 19 January 2012

i like theese 2 images. ones a terrace house in the steam world. the otheres mansion like. nice ben
just some steam punky art deco dooodaaas. like bins or corner shops or sheds. or somthing or nuffin

i looked over some different steam punk images. there the obvious victorian look. but i didnt want it to be obviously victorian. imagine that steam punk has moved on. evolved. i thought to keep its feel look back at other iconic architecture. art deco works. steam punk art deco style. its evolution dont you know
starwars esque. i attempted to create a little city. sigh. me and buildings not good freinds. its way to child like and futurama eque. suky

falic shapes. domes, hives, obscure and cartoon like. intimadating, modern, cheap tin. try em all init

theese are just different shapes im working with. as its a post modern steam punk world. i like the idea of victorian brick/ terraced look. but emcompass the modern. i imagine the world to be shrouded in a mist. so maybe big circular domes on top of roofs for people to see out of the houses. just an idea

im trying to get a feel for the backgrounds of this project. im just streaming ideas right now. i need a modern feel. futuristic and yet retro. shud be easy ...right?