Thursday, 17 November 2011

The idea for kitty kat, is part personal project and part in league with a freind of mine. whos a singer and setting up a little studio concept album. ive been asked to create a a comic book strip, situation to go along with the lyrics and backstory. it envolves a girl awakening from a coma. not knowing of her past. but discovering her mind has supoer powers. and shes able to manipulate any situation she wills. even flight. power beams. mind control. kind of an all over super hero. she s the protaganist. then theres an evil doer. Dr Lucius Vent. hes a wizard at bio steam mechanics. cornering a market and transforming the new world to an eco structured steam powered world/ he goes all howard hughes. creates a steam based city. maybe world. power hungry. gets egotistical. gets stoped by the government. goes nuts. becomes a bad guy. has giant steam bots. yad yada yaaadaaa.

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